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International Museums Day @ Thuringian Museum of Pre- and Ancient History
May 21 all-day

Welcome to the Museum of Pre- and Ancient History

Dis­cover archae­olo­gical treas­ures from 400,000 years of Thuringian his­tory – from the Ice Ages to the Middle Ages! A round trip will lead you to unique ori­ginal finds, mod­els to mar­vel at, life-sized rep­licas, and mul­ti­me­dia install­a­tions. Cen­ter stage is given to views of the cul­ture of every­day life, tech­no­logy, house con­struc­tion, art, and of course the human being itself. With a fin­ger on the pulse of state-of-the-art find­ings in archae­olo­gical research, our per­man­ent exhib­i­tion is vividly inform­at­ive about the his­tory of Thuringia’s set­tle­ment, eco­nomy, and soci­ety over the past 400 millennia.

On this day the entry is free!

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The world­wide com­munity of museums will cel­eb­rate Inter­na­tional Museum Day on and around 18 May 2017.

The theme chosen for 2017 is “Museums and con­tested his­tor­ies: Say­ing the unspeak­able in museums”.

The object­ive of Inter­na­tional Museum Day is to raise aware­ness of the fact that, “Museums are an import­ant means of cul­tural exchange, enrich­ment of cul­tures and devel­op­ment of mutual under­stand­ing, coöper­a­tion and peace among peoples.” Organ­ised on and around 18 May each year, the events and activ­it­ies planned to cel­eb­rate Inter­na­tional Museum Day can last a day, a week­end or a whole week.

Par­ti­cip­a­tion in Inter­na­tional Museum Day is grow­ing among museums all over the world. In 2016, more than 35,000 museums par­ti­cip­ated in the event in some 145 countries.



Long Night of Museums with Museum Festival @ Thuringian Museum of Pre- and Ancient History
May 27 @ 15:00 – 23:45

Actors present in the courtyard of the museum historical crafts. For children, we have actions  to join, home-baked bread from the Germanic oven will be served